Saturday, October 15, 2011


This is only a tiny, fascinating  part of natural power,  oceans, volcanoes, rivers, storms, blizzards earthquakes and tsunamis are a few more examples.

Lightning has  concentrated power that seems to imitate the lash of a whip as opposed to the blow of a club.

Australian and other scientists are calculating the unleashing of solar power (solar winds) that by comparison make natural power on earth a tiny spark - and release the energy of about 100 MILLION  nuclear Hydrogen bombs all exploding at one time on our planet as the winds hit us.


The fact that thousands of years ago, Mayans apparently came to the same conclusion based on 16,000 year solar cycles calculations, makes the Mayans an interesting race or people - now confirmed in their predictions by modern science.

If the scientists are only 10% accurate, the population of planet earth is not going to survive the cumulative, crescendoing event, which would probably have a "precursory"  (perhaps  short or long) build up rather than a single life exterminating flash.


So, why are we bashing each other up politically, socially, emotionally and physically as we wait?

Because we cannot believe or imagine any of this and thus discount it.

Just as Americans cannot believe or imagine a President being our primary enemy instead of our primary protector. And so FAIL to take action to prevent the destruction he is raining down on us.

Contrary to standing up to Nature's superhuman power, at his Presidential level of UNnatural, falsely created power, we the populace of the planet CAN oppose and overcome this evil attack on us, on our well-being and survivability.

The big question: does it really matter in the imminent big picture?

AND is the increasing tension among members of Left or Rightwing groups and blogs starting to throw insults at each other as well as their opponents, rising increasingly to flash crowds and ORGANIZED violence, a sign of the impending "solar wind" being sensed by all of us and reacting to the mental and emotional discomfort of danger we face and do not consciously know how to handle?

Or is it a human reaction to being MISMANAGED by our governments? Or both!


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