Saturday, October 08, 2011


In 1978  Iran, the Soviets,  the Mojaheddin, the Fedayeen, Communist Tdeh Party and Hezbollah Khomeini supporters joined hands and snowballed their following and supporters in much the same way as Obama is doing here in the USA.

With often wild but true ringing slogans for the politically  ignorant and naive masses of whom we have more than enough in the USA to  blindly put Obama into the White House and invite self-destruction on themselves..

Over a dozen Soviet urban guerilla warfare psychologists  operated out of the Soviet Tehran Embassy concocting a hands-on tactical and strategic agenda they printed as flyers on their .embassy machines and surreptitiously distributed by hand overnight to anti-regime activists. And audio tape copies  of Khomeini's inlammatory speeches gradually found their way into the smallest of villages.

Different playing field here but almost duplicated/replicated Soviet strategy and tactics adjusted to a different flavor for American consumption and different cultural targets.

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