Saturday, January 21, 2012


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Unable to quickly find a high value target in America, the Islamic Mullahs supported by Obama and increasingly by Ron Paul assassinate a young Persian student scientist in an unequal and senseless show of violent Islamic irritation.

Iran has infiltrated so many trained agents into American universities that hitmen are everywhere and waiting for orders and designation of a target. Or asked to designate one and "terminate with extreme prejudice"!

Equally, over the last decade, an estimated 40,000 suiciders have also been infiltrated deep into mosques among our neighborhood societies waiting to be callled up for missions to explode themselves and kill as many people as they can in places filled with innocent members of the public, at shopping malls and with roadside IED explosive devices, killing those who have little or nothing to do with Islam.

Obama supports Iran on purpose but Ron Paul is clueless, or pretends to be, to hold onto his liberal following.

We need Newt Gingrich voted into the Oval Office to put an end to our toe-licking (to be polite) and not all our international visitors know what "brown-nosing" means,  handling of Islamists as currently happening in the Obama White House. Which turns a blind eye on assassinations by the Islamic regime of Iran - or drug cartels which partner with them - as long as the target is not a prominent person like a Saudi ambassador. The occasional Border Patrol agent seems to be OK and Dept. of INJustice chief Eric Holder runs interference and grants immunity for the killers.

There is very little if anything "peaceful" about Islam and Sharia law.

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