Sunday, January 15, 2012


Farsi article in our Multilingual section quotes a couple of names like Golpayegani and Kharrazi. They have apparently paid small fortunes to local attorneys to get them temporary visas to enter and then gradually change these to permanent visas leading to Green cards. Again reportedly for themselves and family members.

Rats abandoning a sinking ship, their brutal Supreme leader has helped them sink?

Without the shameful fortunes they have stolen from a suffering, increasingly destitute Iranian people they would be just another bunch of big time loser thugs. A category into which, without the local bloodshed (as yet), our pro-Mullah, pro-Sharia, pro-Moslem Brotherhood copycat thug Obama fits comfortably.

He has the blood of MANY tens of thousands of victims of his actions shed in Tunisia, Yemen, Egypt, Libya and Syria. And to an extent Afghanistan, where his restrictive rules of engagement cost many more Americans their lives than necessary.

AND also Iraq, where his tone-deaf, mindless, self-serving withdrawal is still killing Iraqis as they try to find their place in the chaos he has left behind.

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Tatersalad said...

So this is the Islamic Religion of Peace?