Saturday, February 25, 2012


(Obama): "Gas? Gas? Don't look at me! I'm the "messiah" of God... or Allah... or Lenin - and can do no wrong! Too late to blame Bush? Blame someone else! Throw my Energy Secretary Chu under the bus.

Force the price of gas up to European levels of $9 to give my idiotic algae and Solyndra type green energy projects a ridiculous advantage? He said it publicly not me! No, he should NOT have repeated what I told him privately!


Anybody, but not me! How dare you? I have five more years over you naive morons. I am the moron in chief! Obey!

Willie Clinton the first black president? I'm blacker than him, even though my white and Arab blood line leaves me less African than the minimum required by Federal law to qualify and I 'll show you Teflon he could not even imagine.

And wait for my Michelle and Valerie Jarrett to take over after I'm done. I was the first black president, she, my wife, will be the first black woman president and my beloved assistant moron in chief, Valerie will help her rule.

You will have been trained what to eat, what to think, what to do, what medications you are allowed to use, to stop using vitamins which I will have banned, to rely on food stamps and my, or Michelle's generosity to survive. Remember, I now have the power to arrest any American without cause and imprison them indefinitely, so don't you dare thwart my socialist-marxist-islamic agenda.

Watch me reward my buddies while I punish you. And don't even dream of growing any of your family food need in your back yard or small land plots. You MUST depend on me or get arrested under the myriad laws and regulations hidden the HealthCare bill that you had to pass without reading before you could know what was hidden in it.

See how much control and money I have given myself inside it to hire a one million person civilian security force? To brainwash school children and instill my radicalism into their young minds. Hitler? Mussolini? Brown shirts? Black shirts youth? You ain't seen nothing yet till you see my blue shirts in operation.

Forget my tinny singing in public, wait till the school children sing my praises in class and allegiance to me instead of to the stupid Constitution.

And obey Islamic Sharia laws of Islam I am forcing on them and which an U.S. judge convert to Islam has already imposed in his court! (As detailed in the article above). I may be inexperienced and a street thug but I am becoming a powerful thug you need to fear and OBEY!

Iran Intelligence Minister

For those of you who fear Iran and worry about Israel, as I said to one of my people in the White House, F*ck Israel! The nuclear Iran I am helping reach weapon levels by refusing to allow them to be criticized, even their huge presence and daily slaughter in Syria, will remove Israel very soon, and will be on my side.

Will that mean Iran will be for America? Who cares. I'm not for America and never have been.

Why do you think I spent 20-years in Reverend Wright's congregation? And supported his g-d damn America sermons!

And illegally funded my trip with taxpayer money to Kenya as a Senator and supported candidate and my relative Odinga whose mobs burned Christians alive in their churches? My mother was an atheist, my supposed father a foreigner and a Moslem Arab with British nationality. Why would I support Christians? Give me one reason - except to fool the masses to get elected.

I apologize and bow to all Moslems as I have done repeatedly, specially now in Afghanistan. How dare the U.S. military burn my holy book? I am just as insulted as the Afghanis and the two soldiers who were shot should have died. They insulted Islam that is above everything, above the Constitution, above all laws except Allah's Sharia, even though this fluctuates as interpretations by Mullahs vary from place to place.

Immigration reform? What immigration. Islam respects no national borders so Moslem terrorists have a right to disregard our borders and I am helping them by suing any State that dares to get in their way.  And drug traffic helps these Islamists fund their terror operations so I am not going to get in their way.

Perhaps after they realize how much I have helped they will appoint me the chief of a new global Caliphate that my terrorist buddies, the Moslem Brotherhood, who have a leadership presence in my White House are putting together with my help and regime changes of leaders of countries where they were banned. Who cares if this also removed allies of the USA? Stop trying to make me feel guilty for not being pro-America just because I'm president.

I'm an illegal, ineligible usurper who marvels at how easily I got myself put in power by Iran, Saudi Arabia and my disgustingly rich puppet master George Soros. When I finish destroying America I will be so popular with our enemies I will never have to worry about money again and will live in adoration by other thugs like the messiah I claim to be.

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