Saturday, February 25, 2012


I could not find a way to embed this video for you to watch directly but it can be shared on Twitter and Facebook or by Email, so PLEASE go to the link and listen to a man who has YOUR and your children's best interests in mind and FOR OUR NATION and spread the word.

He has already had great accomplishments in his political career and if you set his personal life mistakes ABOVE YOUR survival then you are idiots and deserve to sink with Obama instead of rising out of the current mess and succeeding with Newt Gingrich.

Listen, to the whole video, wrap your mind around what he says, think it through - THEN decide if he is not the very best person to take you into the future you would want for yourself and for your children and family!

Remember above all, he has been there and DONE THAT or been around while it was happening under his guidance and nudging.

Do you really think that brushing him off for his personal peccadilloes, decades ago, instead of welcoming him as a VIABLE, experienced  solution to what ails all of us, is a wise, clever move?

Or any different to cutting off your nose to spite your face?

He talks of REAL change based on ability AND REALITY, NOT Obambi's "hopey-changey" that has NOT worked but has even put all our futures in danger.

People! This is a no brainer. Use your heads not silly emotions that ignorant, inexperienced Obambi offered and resulted in failed policies. Obama never had a clue! And still doesn't.

Romney may have some destructive business experience but like Obama totally inadequate knowledge on how to achieve results in Washington D.C.

Take a look at Romney's effort, with all his money and organization, to set up a political meeting in a stadium.

He had 65,000 EMPTY seats to listen to his campaign speech!!!

Romney talks to empty stadium!

And you want someone like that to run our HUGE country? Handle Congress? Get bills through the Senate? Are you kidding?

Gingrich has a terrific brain and great depth of experience - even adversity - so that among any candidates - Republican or Democrat - he is the one who CAN make it happen for us!

Please share this with everyone.

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