Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Alan Note: Increasingly the Persian language media in America, specially TV stations have been infiltrated, corrupted or "bought" by the Mullahs and because the most relevant channel for an overthrow of the bloody clerical regime in "islamic iran" is still the Monarchy and the late-Shah's son Reza Pahlavi, a concerted effort has taken place to discredit not only the monarchy but also officers loyal to the Shah. This TV station, allegedly working hand in glove with the Mullahs, has in the past also given a forum to a couple of former, inept but treacherous military Generals to take apart and discredit senior Iranian officers living in the USA using these military shills to do so. In the past, the Mullah's effort was focused on discrediting the MEK, (Mojaheddin-e Khalgh) - and still is, as this group, labeled a terrorist organization in the USA but accepted as a resistance movement in England and France, has an tangible cult like set up with devoted followers - who hate the Mullahs. And many of them have had military training. They, and the Fedayeen, under Soviet direction were the real owners of the Khomeini revolution and would have turned Iran into a Marxist-Islamic, pro-USSR territory. When the Shah's government came apart, the only remaining national communication network with a traditional oversight of the populace were the mosques and the clerics. They were everywhere around the country and were happy to snatch power and form neighborhood "committees" to run them under their ignorant, superstitious guidance.. The "atheist" Marxist-Islamists who used Islam as a recruiting source not a philosophy found themselves shouldered aside and later on slaughtered in the tens of thousands on Khomeini's orders. But I digress. This post of an angry letter to a Persian TV station intends to bring attention to how deeply the Mullahs have infiltrated the Mass Media in the USA and Europe and influence the Persian diaspora and successfully ruin the reputations of those who might become an effective leader against them. Executions in Iran, the official ones, are now in groups, ten or more at a time. Too many kills required to do it one at a time. The unoffical ones from within the depths of some 100 or more "unofficlal" or unsanctioned PRISONS die unofficially. Often sadistically. They are not taken out and strung by the neck till they choke to death. Instead they frequently get taken out into some deserted spot and shot to death. SLOWLY!

Or if the prison building permits, right there on the spot. The first shots hit the victims feet and ankles, breaking bone but not hitting any vital point. Other bullets gradually hit other parts of the legs and knees and then pierce and break bones in the thighs and then the shoulders. Always inflicting pain but never bringing the panacea, yes, solace of death. Eventually, the shattered body gives up and dies. This is a Mullah game practised all over the country by the para-military, personal "security", groups who report officially to nobody in a formal government position but informally to one of the Mullah or Revolutionary Guard or Bassiji bigwigs they choose to follow. These are the people who pollute the Media and sow disinformation about Islam as a religion of peace instead of the body pieces it really is. So Persian TV stations like Pars should be aware that they cannot go on indefinitely serving the Mullahs without facing the consequences when they are gone. And gone they will be. Even, perhaps, sooner than you think. The confluence of various streams of activity are ensuring this. And you Bahram Moshiri, nicknamed the "Camel" for your features, why have you decided to be even more of a flake than you used to be back in Iran? Yes, there are those who may still remember.

Allegations against you from Iran mention your stint as a police lieutentant, where you were reportedly fired for allegedly raping a woman in your precinct while you were the duty officer.

They indicate your openly ardent pro-Soviet traitor Mossadegh political mindsets. These can legitimately color your thoughts but should not be made apparent through a dirty mouth.

Other reports allege you were involved in providing opium to prominent persons in the USA and also being a user yourself.

See, this is what it feels like to be similarly yet apparently validly disparaged. So why do it to others? People in glass houses should not throw stones.

Specially those who are truly so much higher and better than you.

December 30, 2008
Dear Mr. Shajareh:
This letter is regarding our conversation on Sunday December 28, 2008 regarding one of the hosts on your Television Station Pars TV, by the name Bahram Moshiri and how this gentleman over the past months has not only belittled the Shah of Iran but has tried to tarnish the Iranian history as well. As you are well aware on his program last week he has taken his actions to the extreme by using foul language and insulting a large number of the Iranian community. We are well aware that there have been a storm of complaints that have come to you and Pars TV you yourself promised me that the named gentleman will apologize to your viewers for his foul language on his show but we have still not seen any such apology. As we discussed in our conversation democracy does not mean that one can open his mouth and use language that is inappropriate for young viewers and families watching your programs. Democracy does not mean hate mongering and lying. We demand that this gentleman apologize for his irresponsible behavior and stop this line of programming since he is only pleasing the mullahs running the terrorist regime in Iran by spreading his lies. We believe this kind of behavior does not comply with the FCC regulations. Sincerely, Amir Hakim Secretary General Khashm Organization U.S.A 468 North Camden Dr. Suite 204 Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Tel: (310) 204-IRAN Fax: (310) 204-SHAH

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