Friday, October 16, 2009


Another phone call from Iran denying KHamenei died. Each story is different.

His absence since Octobe 7th is now being explained as his having been in the North of Iran  and unable to return because bad weather prevented his return (auto or plane not specified).

When he returned he felt a bit ill so his three doctors were summoned and told him to rest and asked nobody to disturb him except for wife and sons.

He will either appear in public in a few days on the anniversary of one of the Shia "saints" or will host a meeting with some senior clerics!

Reminds me of when Ayatollah Khomeini fell into a coma back in 1989 and was forbidden visitors. Meanwhile the regime, desperate to find a successor before announcing Khomeini's death, cobbled together videos of bits and pieces of previous speeches and broadcast them as a current speech, he had just made.

Jagged splicing and seque was attributed to poor technology of that era.

Regardless of whether Khamenei is still breathing or not, the increasing desire of the other clerics to remove him from office and a Revolutionary Guard coup in the making to remove the Supreme Leader position from the Khomeini "Constitution"  and instead of the Velayat Vaghih (Rule of  Religious Jurisprudence) set up by Khomeini back in 1979 to have  a Republic and rest power to the Presidency - indicates he is not going to come out of it alive for long anyway.

With conflicting reports and differing story versions emanating from inside Iran and at best a very short life span for the Supreme Ruler politically, he might as well be dead.

One speculation was that he was shot in an assassination attempt on his life.

The intense effort by the regime to deny and discredit the death reports, which like Obama's birth certificate could easily put  to rest by producing Khamenei himself or the Obama's Long Form BC, neither action has yet been taken.

So let's wait and see what develops - in both matters.

And our sources were not the same as Michael Ledeen's so the information came through different channels adding some credence.

Ours, from inside Iran, still insist they are correct.

He had the courage to stand by his information and does not deserve the criticism being levelled at him. Iran is not a free society so informatin flows with difficulty and is not always immediately confirmable.

Bazaar merchants who are usually privy believe he is dead and have closed the bazaar down in concern. Partly for this reason and partly because of the fire set in the mattress section of the Tehran bazaar  by the protestors, who had asked the merchants to support them and paralyze imports and exports by closing down.

The merchants responded they had been threatened by the regime with never having their licenses renewed if they did so. The reported death and fire has given them cover to go home. So they have.

So let's see.

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