Friday, October 16, 2009


Impeachment assumes that the usurper is legally holding the office of President, so unlikely a valid action.

The remedy for removal of a usurper is a federal statute called QUO WARRANTO.

The understanding here is that quo warranto must be brought against a usurper in the jurisdiction where he is holding that office.

In this case of course, Barry is holding federal office in Washington DC so the DC District Court is the correct venue.

The rub is that quo warranto must be brought through Eric Holder, who is of course Barry's Attorney General.

Since this is a blatant conflict of interest, a special prosecutor will be necessary.

BUT, BUT, BUT (out of the mouths of babes and fools) I hope Judge David Carter sees this and thinks about it (though what I know about him would indicate he has already thought of this way ahead of me) and so does Orly Taitz:

Instead of Quo Warranto (removal of the President/Official from office) the whole case should target ELIGIBILITY only (for now). And perhaps a bunch of peripheral felonies that Obama appears to have perpetrated.

And probably as his enablers did, like nancy Pelosi et al.

Without the Quo Warranto aspect , jurisdiction for establishing eligibility - or lack of it - does not appear to conflict with Judge Carter  taking the case to trial in Santa Ana.

The result of the trial, if the jury finds Obama was NOT eligible could then be filed in the Wasington D.C. jurisdiction for the next phase of Quo Warranto. (Or Judge Carter could decide what avenue to follow based on the jury verdict)

By then, the evidence that came out and sufficed to persuade the jury would also be available as a factual basis to the D.C. District and hard to refute. (Whether appealed or not).

The military would find itself in a conflict but faced with finding a solution, which it currently - without a basis to which to adhere -  avoids considering.

The populace would become aware of court "verified" facts and form their own opinions and conclusions which would be reflected in coming elections. In whatever direction they choose.

If felonies are attributed to Obama in the jury verdict, this would color the Quo Warranto decision.

As a personal opinion , I believe Judge Carter would be potentially saving the country by clarifying the truth of matters.

And IF Obama is NOT (or was not) eligible the ensuing potential chaos WOULD BE NO WORSE than the strangulation death our country faces at his Marxist-Islamist hands and policies.

What would possibly ensue, in my opinion, is the equivalent of an invasive  surgery to remove cancerous tissue from a dying body and saving the patient. Our USA.

And preventing the certain death of our culture and country at the hands of the Obama administration and his often perverted (NAMBLA), usually politically radical and even Maoist or Leninist czars.

Judge Carter, regardless of the final outcome, PLEASE give us the people a chance to survive and live as free people, not the slaves of the intentionally destructive Obama power grab and suppression we now face. That's a reality!

And Orly Taitz take a step back to allow a surge forward and leave the Quo Warranto for phase two and release Judge Carter from the chains Quo Warranto might be imposing on him. So not drop, just separate it for the next venue after you have obtained the evidence to persuade a jury on eligibility.

THAT victory will bring others as sure as lined up dominos will fall when the first one is knocked over.

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