Saturday, October 31, 2009

گفتگوی صدای آمريکا با مسيح علی نژاد - MASIH ALI-NEJAD SPEAKS OUT ON VOA (Farsi only)

She is from the city of Babol and activism has been in her family for a long while. Her mother was/is a member of the National Front (Jephe Melli) a leftist student organization, which opposed the late Shah and helped General Teymour Bakhtiar (deceased) send terrorists into Iran against the Shah before the 1979 revolution.

The NF was partly responsible for the Khomeini revolution and this young activist's clothes, while following an Islamic modesty, include a stylized East German hat from one of the former operating centers of the National Front. And served, for quite a while, as a recognition item for left-wing or Communist adherents.

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