Saturday, October 31, 2009


Most of the senior Islamic Iranian Mullahs attended Lumumba University in Moscow and were indoctrinated into Marxist principles by the then Soviet Union even though the atheist Communist society was in stark contrast with a repressive "religion" based on Allah.

In fact the two "isms" Communism and Mohammadenism (as the Islamists were named for manu centuries) closely resemble each other in methods of rule by force by an oligarchy of a few (clerics or Kommisars) and suppression of human rights and all freedoms, leaving only obedience, specially for women that would lead to democracy.

Islam recognizes no authority nor allegiance but Allah and thus is not capable of following democratic political policies,  recognizing nationalities, sovereign borders nor any of the principles that are part and parcel of a free Western society.

Oba-Hussein, the American Khomeini, though still short of the Ayatollah Khomeini blood baths, is implementing the worst of both Islam and Communism inside the USA - BUT IN SMALLER INCREMENTS. We are just being choked in a slower fashion rather than being annihilated in a bloody putsch.

With a cowardly "marine" Judge Carter failing the country and history by caving to the Obama camp and refusing to address 300 million instead of 69 million, and defend  the Constitution, the only recourse that seems to be appearing in people's minds is to "take to the streets in protest" - as did the protestors against the Iranian usurper president Ahmadi-Nejad in a parallel fashion.

Will Obama's riot troops he has been training, or foreign U.N. soldiers he has in mind to bring in to control "we the people"  in Georgia also kill us as did the Ayatollah regime Revolutionary Guards in Iran for the past 30-years at every sign of protest? When suppression did not work as well as they hoped and hundreds of thousands preished at their hands and millions fled the country to the corners of the FREE world?

I know quite a few people, including ex-patriate Iranians, who having lived through the Iranian Khomeini's revolution and fled to survive - are now searching for somewhere else to find shelter from the American Islamic-Marxist Oba-Hussein-Khomeini.

They clearly recognize what is happening here while most of our citizens have no clue of the danger descending on them. They simply cannot envisage nor recognize it.

Some are waking up and the Tea Parties could be precursors to civil disobedience and resisance to the power grab and removal of our free speech and freedoms. Not far behind in the footsteps of what has happened in Iran.

Bloodshed or lack of it depends on the degree of oppression or even violence with which the rights of "we the people" are trampled by the Administration in their power grab of every aspect of our lives.

If you have never been gang raped in an Iranian prison, you cannot truly imagine the pain, horror and loss that follows. So when a possible gang rape comes at you, you have no way of evaluating it, or knowing what it is.

Thus "we the American" people have no bench marks by which to evaluate what Oba-Hussein is bringing down on us with his Marxist-Islamist Chicago thuggery. We simply cannot believe this is happening and so continueplacidly  in full denial.

Those of us who were hurt, harmed or had their near and dear killed in the 1979 Iran Revolution or experienced the Soviet, Chinese, Cuban or even the still comparatively mild Venezuelan power grabs KNOW what is happening and weep for the imminent, on-going demise of the USA. Which so many of us love or in which we have found shelter from brutality elsewhere.

Just as Pesident teh idiot Jimmy Carter used the Ayatollah Khomeini to destroy sanity and life and structure in Iran, Globalization forces are using Oba-Hussein to destroy America, which stands/stood in the way of the global government under the United Nations or the Islamic Caliphate under Islam and sharia law. Or a hybrid of these two.

America, you are looking at this but NOT seeing, nor recognizing what you see.

We may already be past the point of rescue and a fearful Judge Carter has thrown us all under the bus by shutting down the only thin thread of salvation that could have saved us. Short of coming out in the streets and encountering deadly force.


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