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Obama's alias "Harrison J. Bounel" Tied To Connecticut Social Security Number Now Scrubbed From Databases

From Albert "Al" Hendershot: There has been a development as it pertains to database records for and about Barack H Obama. As we well know I am the one who discovered the Harrison J Bounel alias.

Well, these records have been scrubbed from these databases as of yesterday. All other records are gone except the records belonging to the "chosen one".


1) Someone used a fake property identification number to secure a $1.34 million Fannie May/ Freddie Mac “poverty” loan on Barack Obama’s Illinois mansion.

2) Barack Obama’s mansion moved through a trust company called Northern Trust, and has had six (6) different property identification numbers. All real estate is supposed to have only one (1) PIN. Someone was trying very hard to conceal the train of ownership of Obama’s Illinois mansion.

3) The above mentioned property scheme is called “layered ownership.” The Illinois law firm Obama worked for specialized in “layered ownership”.

4) Evidently, Barack Obama, using the false identity “Harrison J. Bounel”, secured a loan and then “skipped” - i.e., disappeared with the intention of never paying the loan back.

From Carl Swensson: Spent yesterday with a credit investigator (skip tracer) who has very highly specialized search software available to only those in the business and highly protected…

In March of this year he was doing a lookup of BHO’s SSN number and came up with this anomaly. Harrison J. Bounel kept showing up as living at the “O’s” and using the same SSN # ???? Also showed up as a relative of Michelle’s?

As of yesterday, the same search yielded no reference to Bounel so here we go again, records scrubbed. This Gentleman (Albert) is working with Jerome Corsi to get this and some really damning evidence concerning tax evasion on the Chicago address of the Obama’s residence (can we say Capone) out to as many as possible.

Orly had one such investigator working, early on, with the SS numbers but I’m not sure if she tied that together with the voter fraud documents which show multiple fictitious and famous characters living at the addresses of all these BHO residences associated with that CN SSN from across the country. I now have copies of that as well. Anybody here live in Arkansas? Have some interesting leads for you.

I know that name (Bounel) has appeared before but the significance now is that it is being scrubbed as people like Albert find pockets of this info still out there in the virtual world.

I do hope Jerome and Albert can put the pieces of the tax fraud puzzle together in a way that’s easily understandable for the masses to understand. Good luck with that as Cook County, IL is an absolute cesspool of political corruption and does an absolutely excellent job of hiding underhanded political dealings involving land and taxes.

Key here is that sliver of land Rezko turned over to the Trust Co. that owned Michelle’s/Barry’s Chicago residence at 5046 S. Greenwood Ave that has every appearance of having avoided any taxes being paid on it. That and the fact that on the Obama’s 2009 tax return it shows taxes paid on real estate when, according to records, they owned NONE.

Previous report from ORYR: The Plot Thickens: Debt Collector; Obama's Connecticut Social Security Number Also Tied To An Alias Harrison J Bounel. MORE HERE

Obama's Connecticut Social Security Number Also Tied To An Alias Harrison J Bounel

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