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As you well know, so much of Obama information has been scrubbed from the Internet, including something like the latest  "SCRUB" to HIDE crimes that reach back to pre-White House Obama and his family and associates, that it requires a good look. Quite apart from general birther accusations that seem to be finally reaching Hawaii courts, this item is a separate thread to follow up and discuss.

An outcry arises when the SEC starts deleting old files, but nothing comes of Sara Ann Dunham’s passport renewal files being erased in the State Department, Passport database. Something that never happens for anyone else.

Fox News' O’Reilly has become such a shill for Obama that I (and an increasing number of others) now often turn him off. I realize he has huge personal financial interests to protect and not be hounded out of New York like Rush Limbaugh, but his “fair and balanced” tips over toward protecting the Obama lawlessness, stepping in protectively wherever it becomes too blatant.

We are at a serious cliff edge as a nation and being pushed off by the current administration radical and irresponsible actions, so perhaps it’s your role to step in, too. As analysts as well as news reporters.

"All that it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing." - Edmund Burke

Obama needs to be exposed and if need be taken to court for quite a few felonies that he has seemingly committed and are being ignored. Anyone of us, politician or private citizen, would be in prison if we came close to his lawlessness and trampling of the Constitution.

General Heads Up!

Sidebar 1: with Ghaddafi possibly out of Libya, probable loss of two important sons (out of half a dozen originally) watch for violent terrorist activity – in his name – but under Iranian auspices in the near future. He appears to still have some $12 Billion with which to operate.

His attacks are most likely to be in Europe, where there are caches of lower grade nuclear material and enough willing suiciders for hire to cause serious damage, even if only with dirty bombs. Unless Iran adds less depleted material. Chinese suitcase bombs have also not been fully accounted. Many reportedly having gone to Iran via N. Korea.

Iran’s would be aimed, more likely, at the USA. Specially if Ghaddafi ends up in Venezuela and joins up with Iranian Special Ops and Intel forces already based out there.

Sidebar 2: $283,000,000,000 ($283 Billion) misappropriated and missing in Iran.

Letters of Credit issued reportedly by Bank Saderaat were cleared by Aria Company to overseas banks. While the Arya shipping company comes to mind it’s not clear if it is not another group, reportedly by a Namazi family member, with relatives inside the USA, which operates huge industrial and commercial national projects in Iran. Already in a Khuzestan prison is a perpetrator identified only by the initials of “A. Kh”.

Sidebar 3: Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, has sent Syria’s Bashar Al-Assad $90 Million cash with which to buy off opposition (non-Alawite) Sunni clerics and a Line of Credit of about ONE BILLION Dollars to continue to fight and suppress protests.

Khamenei is exhorting Bashir to stay strong and to escalate the suppression of opposition, specially using various plain clothes suppression forces like the paramilitary Bassiji, organized Plain Clothes thugs and a list of other Iranian secret groups active in beating down any opposition.

Khamenei may be seeing the writing on the wall that if Syria’s regime falls, his own lslamic rule of Iran may follow shortly afterward.

While information pours in daily in several languages, we only have a single editor to triage and post, so…. Doing the best we can. And often diverted by the Obama administration’s intense Marxist-Islamic actions, where with their Moslem Brotherhood and Jihad Islamists rooted in the White House, they require focus not normally directed at the People’s House.

Until now the White House has been on the side of “we the people”. Obama’s “change” has derailed that.

Now it is Kommissar Oba-Hussein and "we the slaveys" waiting for his largesses!

BTW: Some reports  accuse Voice of America (VOA) Persian language announcers of being strongly Communist in their political philosophies.

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