Friday, October 21, 2011


For the last week we have been so inundated with the corrupt slime of the Obama administration to an extent where it was too much to truly stomach even by hardened observers like us.

He revises reality and history by scrubbing information from the Internet about himself to hide his crimes.

Now he has ordered ALL references to Islam scrubbed from ALL government documents dealing with terrorism!

And a co-conspiratorial Press helps hide  the start of a Soviet style class revolt by Obama, in many ways similar to the Khomeini revolution, calling inexperienced but PAID youths and his Union thugs onto the streets, bodes so ill for our country that it may already be past the point of rescue!

Khomeini supporters did NOT simply pour into the streets as many imagine. He could barely raise mobs until he began giving each one a sandwich with the an Iranian currency buying power equivalent of a $10 bill included in the wrapping.

Interesting to note the Islamic Iranian regime has fielded crowds of hardline students into the streets in support of the similar Wall Street  flash mobs around the USA encouraged and incited by Obama and the Democrat party leadership to destabilize the country and and provide an opportunity to eventually declare martial law and suspend elections and Constitutional rights we hold dear.

As Obama allies AND in tune with his efforts, moronic if not on purpose, to throw us into chaos and hand Iraq to Iran with his political not strategic troop withdrawal, they have consistently supported his fervent Islamic actions and policies.

And appreciating his hands-off stance on Syria where Iran is doing most of the killing with a huge contingent of their Suppression forces they sent to help Bashir al-Assad.

We also still have to earn a living and have been busy, in this failing economy, puttting food on our own table, while we still can. And sensing the sadness increasingly EMANATING from Americans nationwide, who seem to increasingly becoming aware that there may no longer be a positive solution and certainly not at the hands of this Obozo who  wreaks nothing but havoc out of the Oval Office.

None of it pro-America but all of it the pro-Islamic and pro-Communist agendas of our enemies.

For now just take a moment and watch this video before we get back to the less pleasant aspects of life and Obama's destruction not only of America but much of the whole world.

Life of flowers from VOROBYOFF PRODUCTION on Vimeo.

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