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Election 2012: Jeb Bush vs. Barack Obama

February 20th, 2012

By Mark McGrew (some independent edits by AntiMullah)

WARNING TO: Selfish insecure children (sucking at the breast of this Admnistration) and conservatives.

This is not a political promotion for any candidate. It is simply an observation of certain facts exposing a foregone conclusion.

Jeb Bush, ex-governor of Florida, the only republican in Florida history to be re-elected, brother of previous President George W. Bush and son of past president
George H. W. Bush, has been mentioned a few times in American news lately, with the word "president" in the discussion.

What I have not seen in American news was in China's on January 17, 2012: "Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping met with former Governor of Florida Jeb Bush Tuesday at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, calling for closer cooperation between China and the United States."

On the 18th of January, China Daily reported "Chinese Vice Premier Li Keqiang met with former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger in Beijing, urging the two countries to properly settle differences in bilateral relations and promote the healthy growth of relations."

That article also mentioned this: "The US delegation also included former Secretary of State George P. Shultz, former Secretary of the Treasury Robert Rubin and former US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Michael Mullen." Just some more private citizens making deals with China on matters of State?

Twelve days later, USAToday reported that George H. W. Bush and his son, Jeb Bush were in Washington D. C. for dinner and decided to drop in to the White House and see little Barry Soetoro.

How does a retired governor, currently a private citizen "call for closer cooperation" with any nation? And China meets with that private citizen? And what was the purpose of the backup detail that included two past Secretaries of State, one previous Treasury secretary and one past boss, of all the military bosses.

Major news in the USA has made whispered comments about Jeb Bush running for President. Al Cardenas, of the American Conservative union is quoted as saying, "Republican turmoil might lead to a brokered convention, in which Jeb Bush former Florida governor, would emerge as a possible 'alternative' party nominee".

There are comments currently being sold to Americans, such as "may have to draft Jeb Bush", "the election system is "fractured". If it is fractured, it needs fixing and the two major political parties are well adept at fixing elections.

If Jeb Bush had run against Obama in 2008, who would have voted for another 4 years of a Bush in the White House? The third Bush in the past 20 years as our President? 16 out of 20 years, for one family?

Being one of the most powerful families in the world that you are, you want what you want, so how do we get the American people to accept another Bush as President?

One way may be to put someone in that position, that so enrages the American citizenry, that they would vote for anybody, to get rid of the nasty guy (Obama).

(Alan note: As they were incited to do with W.Bush by "messianic" Obama).

The four Republican candidates now, are not acceptable to the American public. Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum have not proven they are constitutionally eligible to run for President. Newt Gingrich already did his job of enraging Americans, when he was Speaker of the House of Representatives. Most Americans still have that quaint Puritan notion that if "you cheat on your wife, you'll cheat on me".

Ron Paul, among the candidates may be the best choice for America as far as following the intent of the Constitution comes into play and its citizens, but the worst choice for the established powers. He may put them all in jail. But also risks making nice to terrorists like Iran  and thus endangering our nation.

So theoretically, we will be presented with, yet again, the choice of picking the lesser of two evils.

Obama has gone to great lengths to insult and offend every person he deals with. Except a few very well chosen radical and financial supporters.

He is everything that America is not. He is a self admitted racist. He spent 20 years in a church where his pastor screams out, "God damn America!" He insults and degrades Christianity, while praising Islam and Muslims. He gives refuge to illegal aliens, suing states that try to uphold the written laws blocking them.

Above all, he has proven to be socialist, Marxist, fascist and communist all rolled into one bundle of misery for hundreds of millions of people all over the world. Including where he has tried to put the Moslem Brotherhood into power in North Africa and the Middle East.

Most people know the many anti-American, anti-Christian actions he has taken these past few years, so I won't use 25 pages here to begin listing them.

There is a guide book for politicians, Kings, Queens, Presidents, Generals, Admirals, corporate CEOs and students. It has been studied and used for almost 500 years. Any person in the business of maneuvering people uses varieties of the principles in this book.

Niccolo Machiavelli published "The Prince" in the year 1515. People think of Machiavelli as someone who advocates deceit, evilness and deception in acquiring or holding power. But that is wrong.

Throughout his book, he advocates treating people as you would want to be treated and includes a huge "BUT........there are people who you will deal with who do not have good morals and you must know how to fight using the rules of man and the rules of the beast."

His comments regarding treachery and deceit are the ones most often referred to as expressing a Machiavellian concept. So, he's gotten some really bad and underserved press through the years, as one skunk or another, twists his words.

But his rules are the rules that have been used by successful leaders for thousands of years. Machiavelli didn't make those rules. He only reports on certain leader's successful policies and the breaking of certain rules that lead to their downfall.

I will show you some of the rules in Machiavelli's guide that Obama has broken, I think, intentionally, with a preconceived agenda..

Machiavelli says it is very important to show the five virtues that any populace seeks in their leader. He does not say that a leader "must" have those virtues, but "must appear" to have those virtues. Because, these five virtues are in most men and they want the same in their leader.

Those virtues are: Mercy, honesty, humaneness, uprightness and religiousness.

With Obama we only see these as:

Mercy: The only mercy we see is his mercy to enemies of America.

Honesty: He lies about everything. Even Obama adorers know that now.

Humaneness: He ridicules suffering Americans and nobody saw any humaneness when NATO bombed Libya. A humane person does not declare himself to have the authority to murder any citizen he chooses, imprison any citizen without right to legal counsel, trial or even any charges brought against him and does not authorize stripping citizenship away from people who complain about his policies. (As Obama has done, unconstitutionally by Executive Order and hidden within his HealthCare law).

Uprightness: He is not upright about anything. "Uppity" maybe, but not upright. Everything except his multitude golf games, weird White House parties including a FORMAL State dinner for the Chinese and horrendously expensive vacations costing tax-payers TENS of Millions,  or tourist trips with his family, disguised as official business like the three day jaunt to India, which  cost over $40 Million - are hidden from the public. 

Alan note: Michelle Obama  is on Vacation number SIXTEEN (in under THREE years) skiing with her kids in Aspen, Colorado at mostly tax payer expense!

Religiousness: He ignores America's Christian celebrations like Easter, downplays Christmas  and elevates Hanukkah and Ramadan. He degrades the Bible and mocks it. He mocks Christian values while forcing Islamic Sharia law guidelines into his Administration policies and onto America.

So he violates all five of Machiavelli's recommendations. Is he really that arrogant and ignorant of what qualities people want to see in their leader? He can be, and succeeds, because violating these five virtues, does not necessarily equate to failure and overthrow.


If today, Machiavelli were called in to counsel Obama, the first thing he would say to Obama would probably be something like, "Put that cigarette out and get your damn feet off the furniture!"

Machiavelli had observed and studied much of history regarding many successful people. He learned and taught that it is necessary for a leader to be respected. The leader can earn that respect by the people either loving him or fearing him. He does not recommend which method is preferable, but he does advise that "men love of their own free will, but fear at the will of the Prince".

Great men and women through the ages have used both love and fear to stimulate respect. Some have survived and prospered, because of their people's love for their leader. Some have survived and prospered, because of the fear of their people for their leader. And some have created both love and fear in their people to earn their respect.

Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin have all profited off of the love and fear method of obtaining respect.

Obama has destroyed any respect that sensible people ever had for him. The only people who respect Obama are people who have something to gain from him or are hard core racists.

And, history has many examples of leaders who were not respected by their people, but still survived.

So, according to the rules laid out by history, Obama can still survive and possibly win another election in November.

Except for one mistake, that also, can only be intentional. A mistake that was designed to instill in the American people, a very strong and intense desire, to vote for anyone, except the current president. A desire to vote for someone they would not necessarily vote for in normal circumstances.

These are not normal circumstances and that one mistake is "hate".

Machiavelli, in chapter 2 of his guide, under the title "Concerning Hereditary Principalities", says, "unless extraordinary vices cause him to be hated, it is reasonable to expect that his subjects will be naturally well disposed towards him".

In chapter 10, titled, "Concerning The Way In Which The Strength Of All Principalities Ought To Be Measured", he says, "and it will be seen not to be an easy thing to attack one who has his town well fortified, and is not hated by his people."

In chapter 16, titled "Concerning Liberalty and Meaness" he says, "And there is nothing wastes so rapidly as liberality, for even whilst you exercise it you lose the power to do so, and so become either poor or despised, or else, in avoiding poverty, rapacious and hated. And a prince should guard himself, above all things, against being despised and hated; and liberality leads you to both. Therefore it is wiser to have a reputation for meanness which brings reproach without hatred, than to be compelled through seeking a reputation for liberality to incur a name for rapacity which begets reproach with hatred."

In chapter 17, "Concerning Clemency And Cruelty, And Whether It Is Better To Be Loved Than Feared", he says, "Nevertheless a prince ought to inspire fear in such a way that, if he does not win love, he avoids hatred; because he can endure very well being feared whilst he is not hated".

In chapter 19, "That One Should Avoid Being Despised And Hated", he says, "that the prince must consider, as has been in part said before, how to avoid those things which will make him hated" and "It makes him hated above all things, as I have said, to be rapacious, and to be a violator of the property and women of his subjects, from both of which he must abstain." And, "But concerning his subjects, when affairs outside are disturbed he has only to fear that they will conspire secretly, from which a prince can easily secure himself by avoiding being hated and despised," and "And one of the most efficacious remedies that a prince can have against conspiracies is not to be hated and despised by the people," And further, "I consider that a prince ought to cherish the nobles, but not so as to make himself hated by the people."

And "princes cannot help being hated by someone, they ought, in the first place, to avoid being hated by every one," and "Marcus Aurelius............being possessed of many virtues which made him respected, he always kept both orders in their places whilst he lived, and was neither hated nor despised." And "he will find him feared and respected by every one, and not hated by the army;" and regarding another man, "He became hated by the whole world, and also feared by those he had around him, to such an extent that he was murdered in the midst of his army by a centurion." And "he fell into contempt with the soldiers, and being hated by one party and despised by the other, he was conspired against and killed." And "This he did not possess for long, for two things made him hated and despised".

Chapter 20 refers to "hate" five times.

Machiavelli spent a great deal of time and eloquence in trying to make it crystal clear, that "Hate" is something very, very destructive to a leader. Perhaps the most destructive situation a leader can be in.

(Alan note: Obama and his wife have  fallen into fanning hate and racist division into America and some Moslem countries, on a daily basis).

Making people hate you is the most disastrous thing that a person in charge can do. And making people hate you, is the easiest job Obama has. It just comes naturally to him.

Jeb Bush is not hated. The Bush family is not hated by a large number of people and as stated above by Machiavelli, you can't prevent some people from hating you.

Jeb Bush was fairly well liked in Florida and he did some good things for the people of Florida. The first republican to be re-elected in Florida history has got to mean something.

There are no crazy scandals in Mr. Bush's life. His daughter Noelle, had a bit of a drug problem, but she wasn't selling guns to Mexican drug cartels, like a President's Attorney General we know. She didn't open the Mexican border, like a President's Homeland Security head that we know, so that drug dealers could flood America with drugs. She didn't launder drug cartel money for them, like Obama's Drug Enforcement Administration got caught doing.

She wrecked a couple of cars, but she didn't wreck the country. She didn't wreck millions of people's lives here and abroad. She didn't make a train wreck out of "The Full Faith and Trust of the American Government".

The Bush family has no history of socialism, Marxism or fascism. They know that America is the Golden Goose for their fortunes and they do the same as anyone with money does. They try to protect it. The Bush family is not about to kill their Golden Goose. (As well as bankrupting all of us as Obama is doing).

The people who work with the Bush family are stable and successful people, all of them are goal oriented and success motivated. They made their money by working for it and providing a valuable service. They didn't take socialist style handouts and they don't believe in giving them out to people who can't produce a profit with it.

The Bush family and their helpers are wealth builders, not "re-distributors" of other people's money. They are excellent money managers and excellent people managers. And they have at least 30-years experience running elections.

Who would the majority of American's vote for? A man who has spent 4 years lying to them, taking their homes, destroying their businesses, shipping their careers overseas, importing cheap foreign labor to displace them from their jobs, who insults and ridicules them every chance he gets? Or someone who has done none of the above?

Why would the people who control America's elections put up three Republican un-winnable candidates and a fourth who they just ignore and pretend doesn't exist? Because the system needs to be fixed?

I imagine that in early Spring, the major media will begin telling wonderful stories of Jeb Bush and continue the increasing accusations against Obama. Taking his fraud apart, slowly, piece by piece.

The American people will be treated to daily stories of how wonderful the Bush family is, the contributions they have made to America and gently nod towards Jeb Bush.

By the time November comes, the media who taught America to love a man who did not exist, had no past, no family, no history, and no love for America and preaches hate, will then teach all of us why we should hate Obama.

Little by little, human interest stories of what a good man Jeb Bush is and what a good family he comes from, will travel through the airwaves.

America's historic voting choices of electing the lesser of two evils will end and we will have a choice of an "apparent" good man or an "apparent" evil man.

And it will be apparent to a very few, that Obama was jammed down America's throat, only to make a place for Jeb Bush.

The men who run American politics are very intelligent and experienced. They are not ignorant of Machiavelli's observations. They knew exactly what Americans would feel, with three years of the Obama fraud.

If nothing else, Obama forced the loyal American patriots to wake up, get off their butts and start helping their country. The sleeping giant has awakened.

And maybe, that was (father) George H. W. Bush's intention all along. Of all the most interesting and influential people in the past 150 years, he is, the number one, "Master of the Game".

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Alan Note: last time around on another excellent McGrew article several major publications like Forbes and USAToday and others linked the article source to where they first read it.


(NOTE: Some  Edits, Emphasis above and Graphics and Videos below, added by AntiMullah)

WATCH THESE VIDEOS and ask yourself are you still the silly, immature, naive "believer" who voted for false messiah/prophet Obambi the last time around?

Happy now? Or have you matured enough in the last three years or so of policy disaster after policy disaster, to correct your mistake? And vote him out?

Unless the Supreme Court wakes up that any unrest from his supporters will be far LESS than the destruction the ineligible usurper causes and leaves behind him or MULTIPLIES by many a thousand-fold if he hangs onto the Oval Office.


BACK AT YOU (from our kids and future generations)!!

(Soccer Protester)

 BACK AT YOU (from Islamic Iran)

Ousting him is certainly the lesser of two evils.


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