Wednesday, February 22, 2012


A colossal, clear victory in the debate tonight for Newt Gingrich in Arizona!! 

Make no mistake about it, this will have short and long term effects for Newt, especially after the performance of the other anti-Romney tonight, which was quite poor. 

Newt will rise again as the process carries on and as he is seen as the Conservative who is prepared to combat Romney and Obama and win the White House in November! I think that by the time the votes are counted in MI and AZ, Santorum’s bounce will have faded significantly, as well as his public perception as a candidate ready to debate Barack Obama on the issues. 

It may have already begun tonight. Newt will fill that void once again. By the time Super Tuesday comes around, I expect Newt to be the favorite to win in not only LA and GA, but TN and OK as well. I now move his expected delegate take now close to 150 for Super Tuesday, in my book 

This is being played-off as a unanimous Newt victory, and it WAS! 

Even Donald Trump, who has endorsed Mitt Romney, admitted Newt was excellent

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